A documentation of the literal view of the world by one of the youngest of the current generation. 

Generation Z is the first generation to grow up with the primary source of unlimited information accessible through connection to a computer and the potential sources of information on internet. This has clear advantages however also disadvantages that both are vast and unforeseeable. A prominent effect of these changes are directly related to changes in lifestyle related to the possibilities held by computers and hand held devices. A combination of genetics, diverse society lifestyle choices and personality related lifestyle choices caused significant myopia in some young children to necessitate medical interventions. Myopia, or short sightedness is not a particularly uncommon disorder. There is no treatment to reverse Myopia but medical intervention is needed now to slow down the rate of progression. From what I have been told by medical experts the understanding of lifestyle contributions have changed rapidly in the timeframe of the current generation, however not at the same rate at which our lifestyle appears to have changed. Higher demands on school children resulting in more near sighted schoolwork, more access to activities that require nearby sight, and less enticement and or time to play or be outside in an higher LUX environment contribute to increased Myopia in the developed world. This is a photographical documentation of Myopia and of what modern day treatment entails.