Christmas 1918-2018

afgerond, drawing, etching

One hundred years ago, my great grandfather Henry Edward Millward celebrated Christmas as one of the Royal Engineers at the D.G.T. Camp near Monthouse in France. He had been positioned in various locations in France during the war. He illustrated the 1918 menu. In memory and as a celebration of Henry and his team’s efforts during the war, we ate his same meal this Christmas. I have dry point etched a 2018 menu closely inspired by the 1918 menu.

Watercolour sketch of D.G.T. barraks near Monthouse Chateau in France by Eve Dumas 2018 after a photo found in the sketchbook of Henry Edward Millward 1918
1918 Christmas menu bij Henry Edward Millward
1918-2018 Christmas menu Drypoint Etch in preparation by Eve Dumas
1918-2018 Christmas menu Drypoint Etch in by Eve Dumas after HEM

100 years ago

afgerond, etching

In 1918 my great grand father, Henry Edward Millward, was posted in northern France during the first world war. Recently I have discovered that he had a talent for pen and ink drawings. In having found his sketch book, not only were a number of finished drawings discovered but also numerous pencil sketches. These sketches seem to have been made with the aim of finishing them at a later date. However these sketches were not finished. In honour of the 100 year anniversary of the end first world war and of the work of Henry Edward Millward I am finishing his sketches and am experimenting with translating the images to graphic printed images.